ABI Research Competitive Ranking: Altair Named a Top Innovator for Data Analytics in Manufacturing
Read the findings of a study by ABI Research, which compared the most important vendors in the field of IoT and Data Analytics.


ABI Research Competitive Ranking: Altair Named a Top Innovator for Data Analytics in Manufacturing

Which vendor came out on top using ABI Research’s proven, unbiased innovation/implementation criteria framework?

Explore actionable market insights to understand which data analytics vendor is best positioned to support the increasingly complex opportunities presented in manufacturing operations – and learn why Altair was named a Top Innovator. 

In a new competitive report, ABI Research evaluates nine vendors’ analytics offerings for manufacturing. Based on a set of innovation and implementation criteria, the assessment process examines to what extent the vendors deliver components of the value chain, the sophistication of the analysis the solution(s) can perform as well as the vendors’ go to market strategies. Featured in this research report:

  • In-depth assessment of Altair’s data analytics s
  • Overall competitive ranking of vendors with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data analytics offerings
  • List identifying vendors as Leaders, Mainstream and Followers
  • Summary of the most innovative solution(s) and most advanced implementation strategy
  • Explanation of research criteria and methodology
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