Altair Simulation 2021

Altair 2021

Altair has released version 2021 of its simulation toolset. See what’s new in HyperWorks, Inspire, and other tools.

PF 2021

Thank you all for your wonderful cooperation, affection and helpfulness. We wish you a beautiful Christmas full of well-being and a lot of success in the new year, not only in the field of CAE simulations.

Altair in new colors

The new logo as a symbol of a new era of technology and solutions that allow you to design improved next-generation products.

Invitation to webinars

All listed webinars are available to all interested parties free of charge. Take advantage of the 60-day trial license for everyone!

Altair FEKO seminar

Due to the current serious situation, we are postponing the seminar for the winter semester of the
next school year.
The specific date will be specified.

PF 2020

Advanced Engineering - PF 2020

We thank you for fruitful collaboration and whish you Merry Christmas …

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