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Advanced EngineeringCAE Simulation and Optimization

Benefit from the experience of professionals in the field of technology and services in the area of preparation of virtual models, computer simulations and design optimization.

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Advanced software toolsMulti-physics analyses

Keep optimizing and innovating your product in the context of all functional requirements and physical phenomena. Use the potential of 3D and 1D modeling tools, a broad portfolio of solvers and services of our Engineering.

Software solutions for Simulation & OptimizationAltair HyperWorks

The most comprehensive CAE platform of solutions for structural, CFD, EM and multi-physics analyses, simulation and optimization. Try the benefits of HyperWorks also in combination with other CAE tools.

Engineering servicesOptimization and lighweighting

We implement optimization projects with the aim to make a structure lighter, increase strength, stiffness and extend life cycle while preserving and improving the other functional characteristics of a product.

Software solutions for Conceptual DesignAltair Inspire and SimSolid

Find the optimal design solution using simulation technology. The “Simulation Driven Design“ approach will help you make decisions on the optimal versions and save time during the conceptual phase of the product development.

Engineering servicesImpact simulation, passive safety

We specialize in accurate rapid action simulations, virtual, crash and drop tests, simulations in the development of vehicle restraint systems and biomechanics tasks.

Model Based Development

Model Based Development & System ModelingAltair Compose, Activate a Embed

Create mathematical and physical models, perform 0D and 1D simulations, connect them with 3D simulations, and get a comprehensive model of behavior of your product.

Manufacturing process simulation Altair Inspire Print3D, Cast, Form, Mold and Extrude

Test the design from manufacturability point of view, perform simulations of casting, forming, molding, extruding, and eliminate manufacturing defects.

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logo-textSolutions and services

We perform CAE analyses, computer simulations and optimization in product development mainly in the automotive, aerospace and engineering industry. We provide engineering services, help our clients implement CAE tools, and provide technical support. We are a Channel Partner of Altair
Engineering Inc. – reseller and technical support for the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

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SOFTWARE Solutions
  • consulting on the selection and verification of the most suitable simulation methods and tools
  • supplies and implementation of HyperWorks, Inspire and othersoftware from Altair Engineering Inc.
  • training, consulting and technical support
  • structural strength analysis, multi-physics simulation and other computer modeling services
  • optimization, lightweighting and improvement of functional parameters of structures
  • Impact simulation and passive safety of vehicles


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Breakthrough Virtual Development Capability for Soft-Soil Mobility Platforms and Vehicles
Breakthrough Virtual Development Capability for Soft-Soil Mobility Platforms and Vehicles
Future.AI | Discover your data potential.
Future.AI | Discover your data potential.
Join the online conference and learn how to utilize the potential of business data with Data Analytics and AI/ML.
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Thea Render V3 for Rhino & SketchUp
Thea Render V3 for Rhino & SketchUp
New versions of Thea Render V3 as plug-ins for Rhino and SketchUp are fully available in distribution, now also via Altair One.
Invitation for users, customers and fans of Altair simulation technologies.
The Future of Method Engineering with Casting Simulation
The Future of Method Engineering with Casting Simulation
Webinar with experts on casting simulation for prediction and visualization of potential defects.

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logo-textAbout us

Advanced Engineering s.r.o. is a 100% Czech technology company that offers its services, technical solutions and software tools not only in the Czech and Slovak Republics, but also worldwide. You will find our offices in Prague – Letňany.

Experience since 2006.

We work for dozens of clients in the Czech Republic and beyond.

We participate in development projects of automotive and aviation industry leaders.

We provide technical support of CAE technology in Czech and Slovak branches of large international companies as well as small startup companies.

We have guided customers through a number of benchmark and proof-of-concept projects.

We support universities and other organizations in teaching and research and participate in severeal R&D projects.

logo-textSelected clients

We are constantly expanding our network of clients, including major final manufacturers and
suppliers for the automotive, aerospace and railway industries, as well as small and large engineering
companies. We are active in the Czech Republic and beyond.

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