We offer and implement professional training in the area of passive safety and vehicle dynamics, meshing, structural analysis and optimization. These training sessions may be conducted at our facility or directly in your office location per your convenience.

We provide in-depth training on everything that you need in practice and teach you how to use it effectively - we use it in the practice too!

Training is individually customized to be the most effective for your specific needs. Our instructors are available for both theory as well as a number of practical examples and case studies.

Available Training Courses:

Complete HyperWorks tools package control training

  • HyperMesh Basic / Advanced - preparing of the input-deck for calculations with finite elements (FE)
  • HyperView / HyperGraph – post-processing
  • Radioss - FE solver for linear and nonlinear
  • OptiStruct - Design and optimization using FE and solid mechanics
  • HyperStudy - optimization and DOE
  • HyperForm – stamping simulation
  • Simlab
  • MotionSolve
  • AcuSolve
  • SolidThinking tools

We offer other training courses such as working with the program MADYMO for engineers

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