Student Edition

HyperWorks 14 Student Edition

HyperWorks 2017 Student Edition is the same as a commercial version based on the new desktop-based Framework. Comparing the commercial version this contains certain restrictions. The size of the model is limited to 10 000 nodes, CAD interface only supports IGES, STEP and Solid Works. Other edition specifications are at

University workplaces which have the full academic HyperWorks license can obtain student licenses for their needs for FREE!

Edition includes the following modules:

  • HyperMesh (pre-processor)
  • HyperView a HyperGraph (post-processors)
  • OptiStruct (optimization solver)
  • Radioss (implicit and explicit solver)
  • Collaboration Tools (file management tools) - NEW

New user profile (Process Simplified FEM) is used as a simplified FEM guide suitable for complete beginners (especially this profile simplifies settings of the model).

Student edition is bound with a wide range of educational materials HyperWorks StarterKit, which includes the four-hour interactive video and a set of manuals that are made taking into consideration the needs of a beginner guide, providing good practice solutions.

More information can be found here: