After analyzing the component in three previous processes, the workflow is often followed by a process defined as the optimization. For an existing product as it may be the weight reduction, increase rigidity, the shape optimization in problematic places of the product, etc. In case of the new component optimization can be considered as an early design phase of the product design, which significantly saves costs for the product development. The second approach is to use the optimization in Radioss (or others) as a solver in HyperStudy for settings such as DOE study.


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It is a powerful tool for analysis and optimization of the components. Applications for the Optistruct are very broad and can be found in the automotive industry, aerospace industry, mechanical engineering and others. Development of the optimized parts with regard to weight saving, tuning of natural frequencies, etc. is becoming more important. Altair offers, thanks to its long industry experience, the usage of topological, shape, topography, as well as parametric optimization using finite element method. These types of optimization are also used in the conceptual designs, optimized geometry, frame structures, etc. spaced ribs for maximum strength, minimum tension and minimum weight.

  • Rapidly develop lightweight, structurally efficient designs
  • Prediction of optimal shapes of structures early in the process
  • Optimization types
    • Topology
    • Topography
    • Size
    • Shape
  • Efficient handling of thousands of design variables


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Solver-neutral Design Study & Optimization Tool

  • Studies
    • DOE
    • Optimization
    • Monte Carlo
    • Response surface approximation
  • Optimize complex multi-disciplinary problems
  • Open interface system
  • Benefits of HyperWorks integration
    • Shape optimization with HyperMesh
    • Easy model parameterization
    • Direct solver readers


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A breakthrough in digital product development, which enables design engineers and architects to generate and explore structurally efficient concepts.


Inspire creates efficient design concepts for design engineers, product designers and architects. Inspire uses Altair’s industry-leading OptiStruct® optimization technology to develop design concepts which are efficient for structural performance and weight. Inspire’s easy to use interface guides the user to build design models and visualize the resulting design concepts. Thus the users can rapidly arrive at efficient structural designs with the least amount of time.

For more infomation visit: www.solidThinking.com

Altair HyperShape/CATIA

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HyperShape/CATIA is a direct integration between Dassault Systèmes CATIA V5 solution and the award-winning design optimization technology, Altair OptiStruct®

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