23. 04. 2018

3D FÓRUM 2018

Advanced Engineering will participate in 3D FÓRUM 2018

21. 04. 2018

Conference SPOLUPRÁCE 2018

Advanced Engineering participated in the casting conference SPOLUPRÁCE 2018

10. 11. 2017

IoT Webinar Series (Internet of Things)

This series of webinars is designed for current and future Altair customers or partners who want to quickly implement the IoT strategy with Altair.
You can watch the recorded webinars HERE

05. 10. 2017

Invitation to the technology conference

CONVERGE Europe 2017
17.10 2017, Essen

Registrace ZDARMA ZDE

14. 09. 2017

Invitation to the technology conference of Advanced Engineering and Altair

Invitation for a conference and dinner on a boat

Hyperworks 2017 - Innovation through simulations

Praha 25.9.2017

FREE  Registration  HERE

Invitation in pdf format HERE