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The software package HyperWorks includes Radioss and OptiStruct as solvers for the analysis of the above-mentioned process of pre-processing. Radioss is finite element solver for linear and nonlinear simulations (both explicit and implicit), whereby it is possible to analyze structures, liquids, forming processes and mechanical systems. OptiStruct enables engineers-designers to quickly and effectively design a lightweight product whilst maintaining the required stiffness, manufacturability, etc. The HyperForm application uses Radioss as solver, but contains its own internal One Step Solver.


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Radioss is finite element explicitsolver for solving dynamic and crash problems

Radiossis the leader in solving nonlinear and dynamic tasks. It is used in all industries around the world, particularly in the areas of passive car safety.

  • Solution types
    • Explicit dynamic
    • Fluid-structure interaction
    • Robust analyses
  • Focus on robustness and repeatability
  • Superior handing of modeling errors to ensure high quality results


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MBD Software for Mechanical System Simulation

  • Large library of modeling elements
  • Analysis types
    • Kinematic
    • Static/Quasi-static
    • Dynamic
    • Linear
  • Superior FlexBody handling
    • Integrated setup & post processing
  • Tire models
    • Htire – handling tire
    • Ftire – Durability tire
  • Unique integration with optimization
    • Flex body shapes and topology
    • System responses


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Modern strength analysis analyzer for linear and nonlinear structural problems at static and quasi-static loads, proven by many applications in various industry areas.


  • Comprehensive nonlinear solver
  • Exact and complex physics
  • The state-of-the-art solution for NVH analysis
  • Ideal solution for optimization
  • Very efficient parallel solver

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