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Pre-processing is the assembling of the finite elements-or multibody models and their general preparation for the following calculation. The HyperWorks software package is a pre-processor program using HyperMesh, HyperCrash and MotionView. The most common HyperMesh is capable of using many user profiles to build the so-called "input deck" for most used solvers (e.g., Radioss, OptiStruct, MotionSolve, MADYMO, PamCrash, LS-Dyna, Abaqus, etc.).


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The Fastest, Solver-neutral FEA Pre Processor

  • Superior mesh quality
    • Hexahedrons
    • Tetrahedrons
    • Shells
  • Complete solution
    • Meshing
    • Loads & boundary conditions
    • Morphing
  • Broadest set of direct CAD and CAE interfaces
    • Abaqus
    • Ansys
    • Dyna
    • Nastran
    • Radioss
  • Extensive geometry repair functionality

Advanced work with model

In addition to standard ways of creating 3D meshes HyperMesh offers advanced meshing methods mainly used for treatment of already existing mesh. For these purposes, HyperMesh has a range of editing tools. Typical situations where these tools are used include:

  • Adding / editing ribs
  • Add / remove screw holes
  • Changing the diameter of the bolt hole
  • Fine mesh for more detailed analysis at the critical point
  • And more…


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FEA Pre Processor for Automotive Safety Modeling Environment

  • Intuitive process driven GUI
  • Supporting RADIOSS & Dyna
  • Safety-specific features
    • Dummy positioning
    • Airbag folding
    • Seatbelt routing
    • Mass balancing
    • Fast penetration checking
    • System swap
    • Results mapping

Batch Mesher

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BatchMesheris a tool which can recognize geometry and automatically cleanup in batch mode for a given set of CAD files. It can perform a variety of geometry cleaning operations to create the best meshfor the size and type of the element.

Element Criteria -criteria can be simply defined in the BatchMesherprogram or in thepanel HyperMesh (batchmesher/ QI optimize)

Parameter File -recognizes individual geometric features, including flange,bolt holes or fillets. For each featuredictates meshingparameters that can be easily specified in a program BetchMesher. Users can also manipulate with different geometric features such as changing the type and angle of the element or remove fixed points.


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Solver-neutral MBD Pre Processor

  • Template-driven parametric modeling
  • Creating inputs for
    • MotionSolve
    • Adams
    • Simpack
  • Open system enables end-user customization
  • Efficient handling of flexible bodies


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Feature-based Meshing & Assembly

  • Feature-based model creation for solid assemblies
  • Template-based meshing process
  • No CAD cleanup needed
  • Applications: engine block, turbine housings, gearboxes, etc.


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HyperWorks products - Evolve

Evolve frees designers from limiting engineered CAD tools, while allowing for the export of digital models required by othersinthe product development process.

Evolve helps industrial designers quickly create forms. It will give you an initial sketch, explore stylistic alternatives, and visualize a real-life product. Evolve provides organic surface modeling and parametric control based on surfaces, rigid bodies and unique features of the history tree.

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