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In scope of post-processing HyperWorks software package offers an application HyperView, HyperGraph, MotionView and HyperView Player available for free. HyperView is a fully post-processing tool for visualization of the finite-elements analysis and multi-body simulations together with the corresponding video images and data from the real tests. It is possible to combine all these types of outputs and display them neatly in a single window in the mutual synchronization.

Processing and presentation of the simulation data is an important part of the CAE process. Using the HyperView tool allows us to quickly and efficiently process large amounts of data including automatic export to MS Office. Of course there is a mass automatic editing of the output data.


Product Brochure (PDF file) Product video

The Fastest FEA, MBD and CFD Visualization Environment

  • Advanced animation features
    • Cutting planes
    • Video overlay
    • Synchronized XY plots
    • ISO contours
  • Fastest post processor on the market: important for large models
  • Process automation tools for report generation

HyperGraph 2D/3D

Product Brochure (PDF file) Product video

Powerful data analysis and plotting tool for all types of CAE data.

HyperView Player - Free Download HERE

Viewer for visualizing 3D CAE results over the Internet or on a desktop computer.


Weld Certification Director

Altair's Weld Certification Director (WCD) is a combination of a base software with customer specific additions and integrated services that allows engineers to accelerate the time taken to identify and analyze the performance of weld lines against mechanical requirements. Fully integrated in the HyperWorks environment, this intuitive solution provides an automated approach to determine weld line fatigue performance and identify areas of concern in the early stages of design.

The Weld Certification Director enables engineers to focus their efforts on interpreting results data rather than the mechanics of setting up models which may contain thousands of weld lines. The solution automatically identifies weld lines across multiple joint types, enabling engineers to quickly run a complete evaluation of all the weld lines in a structure and to check for potential performance issues. These verifications can be done based on standard regulations or customer specific methods.

Automated Reporting Director

Altair's Automated Reporting Director (ARD) empowers engineers by removing the non-value add tasks associated with the mechanics of report generation. Engineers can focus entirely on interpreting and understanding simulation results.

  • Decreases report generation time by up to 80 %
  • Automatically creates single pages for each result and group combination in HyperView
  • Generates an interactive overview result table and highlights critical results
  • Exports results to PowerPoint and allows addition of animated gifs/h3d

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