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FEKO is a comprehensive computational electromagnetics (CEM) software used widely in the telecommunications, automobile, aerospace and defense industries.

  • Fully wave solversin time and frequency domains: MoM, FDTD, FEM a MLFMM
  • Asymptoticmethods: PO, LE-PO, RL-GO, UTD
  • Real hybridization of methods to solve complex and extensive multichannel problems
  • A unique solver based on characteristic mode analysis (CMA) calculates characteristic currents, intrinsic values, modal amplitudes and characteristic angles


WinPropis a tool for analyzing the spread of electromagnetic waves and telecommunication network planning.

It offers highly accurate and very fast empirical and deterministic propagation models for a wide variety of scenarios: outdoor, urban, indoor, tunnel, vehicles.

Depending on the scenario, different map data is used, predictions are based on different databases, such as topographic (pixels), clutter (pixels with / without height), urban buildings (pixels or vectors), 3D planar objects / walls (vectors).

Wave propagation models include empirical and semiempricmodels, 3D beam tracking models, or the unique Dominant Path Model (DPM).

Depending on the application, static, Monte-Carlo or dynamic network simulations are available.


Product Brochure (PDF file) Product video

Flux uses the finite element method for solving low frequency magnetic, electrical and temperature fields.


  • Autoadaptivenetwork refinement in 2D and 3D solutions
  • Static, harmonic and transient analyzes
  • Nonlinear anisotropic behavior of materials, modeling of hysteresis
  • Losses in winding due to surface phenomena and proximity
  • Several iterative and direct solvers of linear equation systems, robust nonlinear solver, distributed parametric studies
  • Quantities: potential, induction temperature, field strength, magnetic flux, inductance, energy, ohmiclosses and iron losses, current, voltage, power, speed, power, torque

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