By partnering with Altair Engineering, our team offers a wide range of software used worldwide for industrial applications of HyperWorks.

Each HyperWorks tool can be effectively used to complement the CAE process from processing of CAD data through the advanced networking methods to linear and nonlinear, stochastic and DOE study. Furthermore, these tools can also be used with other products in the Altair partner program for flow analysis (CFD), fatigue, durability, and more.

Using this comprehensive software package provides cost savings for the customer in the CAE process, mainly due to the unique flexible licensing system from Altair.

Altair HyperWorks – A platform for Innovation

Altair is a global software and services company focused on data analysis, visualization and high performance computing.

  • Founded in 1985
  • Revenues 300M USD
  • Over 1300 employees worldwide
  • Headquarters in Troy, Michigan, USA

HyperWorks is a complete software package that provides effective solutions for CAE processes in the industry. Provides open architecture and is able to capture all CAE process from pre-processing, through solver, post-processing to optimization / DOE.

HyperWorks – A platform for Innovation

Revolutionary Business Model

  • Pay for what you use tokens
  • Partner products “play” without incremental cost
  • Simplified, single vendor experience drives value

Let Engineers Be Creative

  • Minimize time spent modeling and reporting
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Collaborative environment

Advanced Solver Technology

  • Scalability, Quality, Reliability
  • Design and optimize non-intuitive solutions
  • Fully exercise designs

Tailored Industry Solutions

  • Flexible answers for industry verticals
  • A Platform to Capture Processes
  • Enterprise Solutions

HyperWorks open CAE architecture

HyperWorks offers a wide range of CAE software solutions that can be used very flexibly. The application suite includes products for modeling, analysis, optimization, visualization and process automation in the fields of structural mechanics, multi-body simulation or simulation of manufacturing processes.

Altair HyperWorks: A Platform for Innovation